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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
it is a far cry, but for instance mesa on aros68k will not start without 256mb available.
AROS needs to become more efficient. Wazp3D and and StormMesa can use software 3D in 128MB with no problem. The original target was 64MB of fast memory but I pushed for 128MB. I think it's the right amount for affordable accelerators. High end accelerators and standalone boards should get more memory.

Originally Posted by R-Typer View Post
Guys, what about the chipmem? With only 512kb of chipmem my a500 will be still unusable with this accelerator card (running whdload games from workbench for example).
Using RTG does not need any chip memory. It's also possible to have AGA/SAGA emulation in the card (HDMI/DVI output only) with >2MB of chip memory. There are no guarantees that this will happen though.
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