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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
A little background info, Apparently the AR3 cartridge reserves mem location 400000. My 8mb ram board uses a contiguous block $200000 - 9FFFFF. The CDTV PLCC reserves no memory and can be added manually using the addmem command so you would think there is a possibility to not add memory in the $400000 region but there is still crashing
Even if the CDTV version does not use auto config, it still has memory at that address, so it could still be conflicting with the AR if it responds to read/write commands in that region.

You could try to make a custom chip which removes memory from $400000 forwards and see if that changes anything. I don't know how big a region the AR3 uses, but probably not more than 1MB? In that case, having 4MB from $600000 to $9FFFFF might still be fine.
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