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Originally Posted by invent View Post
Hi Everyone,

What games never made it onto the Amiga platform that you would like to see today?

Games from 8-16bit computers/consoles (eg commodore 64, ZX Spectrum) that you would like to see on the Amiga.

Two games I enjoyed on the Amstrad CPC was Mutant Monty and The Covenant. Both games were never released on the Amiga and as I enjoy redrawing old sprites to new ones thought it might be worth seeing what the interest level is for Remakes for the Amiga (Classic - A500 (OCS), A1200 (AGA) and newer NG machines).

Link below shows the old original graphics from Amstrad and a few new ones.
For Mutant Monty just ask Steve Ancell at this homepage his blitzmax source code then it'll be easier to port it to Amiga. Kamelito
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