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It's a tough choice since there are so many funny games on these old 8bits and 16bits platforms. The MSX being my main gaming machine I would go for games like Knightmare, Road Fighter, or Yie Ar Kung Fu. I like their simple concept. They are games you can play again and again without being bored (well at least for my taste ).

Around 2000/2001 with a friend we worked on a game project influenced by Yie ar Kung Fu and Street Fighter 2. But unfortunately the project never went very far (the game engine was running quite well thought). Then we lost contact. But unexpectedly 3 weeks ago he called me on the phone, after more than 10 years without any news. We discussed about our old game projects and he seemed interested to continue to work on them. So maybe in the future we will see a Yie Ar Kung Fu like for the Amiga, who knows !
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