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Technically spoken, the problem with polygon games speed that dont get better on better machines lying (in case of reall Amiga) in the blitter.
If you use blitter to draw polygons, things dont get faster on faster CPUs, since the blitter simply dont get any faster, only the setup and 3D calculations are faster, witch might speed-up the game a little, but not so much.

When you get more closely to the problem, then what limiting the blitter to fill the polygons faster is the number of pixels, what it have to fill to draw a anged polygon...
...the fillrate is simply terrible.

Luckily, clever guys find a solution and even made a half-working and then fully working patch.

To reduce the number of pixels, what the blitter have to fill, they draw a one (or even more rectangles) by CPU, so, the blitter filling then only the smaller gaps between the squares and the anged line.

The result is breathtaking.

While Stunt Car Racer orginally running at about 17fps on 060/50, using this patch kicked the framerate to not less that 50fps on decent 60/62

STR with this fix must FLY on any, decently fast, machine
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