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I'm trying to build the x86 version on Mint 17 x86 (based on Ubuntu 14.04).
I keep getting a makefile error though, any thoughts ?
bossman@Husalteret ~/Downloads/spsdeclib_5.1_source/capsimg_source_linux_macosx/CAPSImg $ ls         CAPSImg.vcxproj          install-sh
CapsAPI.cpp          CAPSImg.vcxproj.filters
CapsCore.h           CAPSImg.vcxproj.user     LICENSE
CapsFDCEmulator.cpp  CapsLoader.cpp 
CapsFDCEmulator.h    CapsLoader.h             Release
CapsFile.cpp         config.guess             resource.h
CapsFile.h               stdafx.cpp
CapsFormatMFM.cpp    config.sub               stdafx.h
CapsFormatMFM.h      configure                StreamCueImage.cpp
CapsImage.cpp             StreamCueImage.h
CapsImage.h          Debug                    StreamImage.cpp
CapsImageStd.cpp     DiskImage.cpp            StreamImage.h
CapsImageStd.h       DiskImageFactory.cpp     targetver.h
CAPSImg.aps          DiskImageFactory.h       x64
CAPSImg.cpp          DiskImage.h
CAPSImg.rc           dllmain.cpp
bossman@Husalteret ~/Downloads/spsdeclib_5.1_source/capsimg_source_linux_macosx/CAPSImg $ make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
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