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Nice article, a couple things i think worth mentioning, 8mb ram allows WHDLoad games to load completely into ram and allow faster access between levels etc, With an extra 512k chipmem added to the internal expansion slot you have a very nice WHDLoad machine,

The best A500 in my thoughts is the Rev8 (A500+) as you have latest Agnus and good game compatibility. On the negative side, i haven't been able to get my Action Replay III cartridge working, There's gotta be a way, just need someone smart enough to figure it out..Hint Hint!

A little background info, Apparently the AR3 cartridge reserves mem location 400000. My 8mb ram board uses a contiguous block $200000 - 9FFFFF. The CDTV PLCC reserves no memory and can be added manually using the addmem command so you would think there is a possibility to not add memory in the $400000 region but there is still crashing

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