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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have one observation, it seems to take way too long and too many fire presses to get to the actual game.
OTther than that it's looking great. Really looking forward to the release, thanks Galahad!
Incorrect, it wouldn't be much of a demonstration if I simply pressed the fire button and skipped it alll

And you have to press the fire button three times to start the game.

1). to exit the intro
2). to exit the oceanloader
3). to start the game.

Not really 'too many' in my book

And whilst its not apparent from the video

1). EAB PRESENTS screen can be exited with fire button
2). Entire intro sequence can be skipped from even loading by holding down fire button on boot up and it will go directly to the Ocean loader music title screen.

The reason for the PUSH FIRE TO START is because its a great piece of music and Hoffman did a great conversion, if someone wants to listen to it in its entirety, they can do.

Still more work to do, I might do a 3 second countdown before the intro where if the fire button isn't pressed, then the intro loads and plays, otherwise it tells the user it can be skipped.
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