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what happened to my Blue Ocean introductory screen?..has it yet to be implemented?, was it dropped in lu of space restrictions?

the one in question is this one..

The video was great btw, but I thought the intro was rushed from scene to scene..maybe add some simple Text screens between each image with a lead up to each scene? but allow the player to press space to skip or press fire. I know this is extra work etc..just a suggestion none the less.

breakdown of my suggestion

Ocean Screen above if usable, the "presents", " A Denton Design Game" "Intro text: !938, Somewhere in the (insert Place), "First image: Rhino", "Second text: Will our hero (Inventive name here) survive?", "Third image:rocks falling", "fourth Image(Lady sitting down avoiding the stampede)", "Third Text: We need to escape this living hell and make it back to our time!!", Fifth Image : (Cannbals screen), then title screen, but rather than it falling from the the top..have it fade in?.

I think this will give it some back story diet lite I know..but rather than one image changing to the next shows no narrative at the moment.

Now an extremely tall order, will the play-field area of the main game remain in the little window or it it possible to 2x the size?, I'm sure you already know in some cases that the Amiga ports sometimes got bigger screen coverage then the Atari ST counterparts..but hey it's more than likely asking the impossible just a thought

again amazing work none the less and looks exceptional ..
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