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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
What percentage complete is it (compared to the 68060 FPU)?
Mathematical 100%

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
What percentage tested is it?
Mathematical 100%
Integration with Phoenix 0%

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Will the new accelerators be delivered with a working FPU? I would rather under promise and over deliver. The new accelerator offers huge potential for a reasonable price but it's going to take time to get everything working and working well.
You are right - and we are not promising anything here.
This thread is not an official announcement.

This thread is a discussion of people talking about our project.
I did not start this thread, I only came here to answer some questions.
An official announcement with features will come when its time.

This thread is technically correct about what is happening.
The hardware features of the new card are correctly listed here.
Its also technically correct that we have a full 80 bit FPU.
Its technically also correct that the FPU is fully pipelined,
and compared to an 68060 it reaches around 300Mhz 68060 performance.
The bulk work of the FPU is done. We spend two years developing it.
It still needs to be integrated in the changed Phoenix pipeline.
But this work is much smaller compared to the main development of the FPU.

What soft-features will be integrated in the product will be announced when its time.

Whether the FPU will be in or whether we use the FPU space for somethign else will have to be seen.
Or maybe the FPU will only be released as upgrade to people who send us a selfie video singing "Only-AMIGA"?
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