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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That is a shame because then you can;'t run 060 demos. It'd be best to be 060 compatible.
I don't see the reason to have a lightning fast 000, most modern demoscene activity is around the 060.
The cut down Phoenix fpga CPU lacked full 68020 support in the Vampire 600 accelerator. The full Apollo CPU in a Cyclone V has plenty of room for 68020 compatibility. Most 68060 demos should run but a few use an FPU which the Apollo currently lacks. A few will fail because of timing related to the increased speed .

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Correct. In fact, more software will run on an '020 than an '060 due to the missing 32-bit by 32-bit multiply opcode in the '060.
Yes, Apollo has the potential to be more compatible with the 68020 ISA by bringing back the not uncommon 32x32=64 integer instructions. The 68060 uses the 68020 ISA but needs software support. The 68060 did not add any new integer instructions.
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