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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
But at some point it began to replace existing files by third-party versions without asking. Since then you better call it WorseWB.
Your comment sounds a little unfair, IMO

I've just made a fresh installation of BetterWB 3.6 from scratch on WinUAE 2.8.1, using a Kickstart 40.63 for 68000 CPUs. Everything during the installation was executed flawless. And I didn't get any errors while booting the system. At that time, there is still no ENVARC:Sys/wbpattern.prefs on the harddisk. When you try to save from Prefs/WBPattern you will get this requester complaining about the missing wbpattern.prefs file. You can just ignore it. It will be created in ENV: and ENVARC:.

I'm not sure if the installation files of BetterWB are working correctly when you just update a previous setup. In such a case you have to use the special update packs, but never install the full set of ADF disks again over an existing setup. With one of the previous updates BetterWB has introduced the Env-Handler, which should replace the Assign of ENV: to RAM:Env/ and the copying of ALL the preferences and config-files during the startup of the system.

Using Env-Handler: If the startup-sequence lines
Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:Env
still exist, then comment them out with a ";" and try again, because the assign would prevent the Env-Handler from mounting ENV:

The Env-Handler from Stephan Rupprecht was modified by me in order to work on a 68000 CPU. If there are problems with this modified ENV-Handler then please post your current startup-sequence, your WinUAE config file and the version of your Kickstart.

On the other hand, you can also try to fix the problem by commenting out Env-Handler and inserting the normal startup-sequence lines:
However, just make sure that not both methods of using ENV: are activated at the same time.

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