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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
If PFS3aio is not differnt to original PFS3:
The PFS3 docs say buffers have to be between 70 and 500. PFS3 cannot work right below 70. So if a User use lower 70 he is resposible.
PFS3 have following checks. My only change was to allow lower values (MIN_BUFFERS to 10 from 70) because small values do work fine (perhaps it was problem with very old versions) in normal usage and allow much lower memory usage. PFS3 will show error requester if it runs out of buffers and so far I haven't got any reports. (Technically this can be changed to automatically allocate some buffers more when needed)

	/* sanity checks. If HDToolbox default of 30, then 150,
	 * otherwise round in range 70 -- 600
	if (i==30) i=150;
EDIT: AFAIK only 30 and 50 are hdtoolbox defaults. 50 is already large enough, 50 vs 70 should not make any noticeably difference but 30 vs 70 is a bit too large. Any other value means user manually edited it and it is user's fault if he didn't RTFM before editing it

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