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Originally Posted by Gunnar View Post
Nova you could basically take the card now without waiting for the RTG driver and change one of your games to directly bang the hardware on the RTG truecolor out to have Quake 2 running in truecolor.
Quake 2 needs an FPU.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Sounds cool. I want one.
How incompatible would it be, though?
Does it emulate an 060 or a 000?
Neither. It's not an emulator of a 68k CPU but a new 68k like processor. Apollo supports most of the integer 68020+ instructions and addressing modes (Phoenix in the Vampire 600 did not have room). From the last I heard, it's missing some rare (on the Amiga) 68020+ integer instructions, it only supports 68000 stack frames and it does *not* have a 68k compatible MMU or an FPU. Of course all this could change in an fpga.
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