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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
Yeah, would love to see a comparison video of both to show the different, liking loading times and with the added extras, but as far as I know there is not proper stx dump of WTSS for the ST, so you'll have to resort to the Automation compact for it.

But yes a new video would be sweet.
Actually I originated this version from an original PASTI image from the Atari ST as Was Not Was cracked it in such a way as to be problematic to convert.

There can't be any comparison loading times between the Atari ST version, you'll see why when I do the video later, I chucked an extra loading graphic in that you'll be happy with, but the Amiga version just has a hell of a lot more data than the ST version has.

Just got one weird bug to sort out before I do the video, but all going well, it will be done tonight.

Got a wheel bearing on a Mondeo to fit first and then I can do it.
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