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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It can't be "fixed" because already existing buffer settings of 30 would become real buffer setting of 30 and someone will complain that it broke something because it suddenly become slower..
But then you will have users complain that PFS3 is somehow using too much RAM and then they would go back to FFS

Fixing the bug would just restore the normal behaviour of the setting. If someone wants more speed they should just set their buffers to MAX in the first place - it's not like you should expect super-fast speeds if you're setting just 30 buffers.

That's just my opinion, I think nobody would complain if it was plainly written in the changelog. But you're the big boss so it's up to you

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
There is no need to repartition anything, just change the buffer value in hdtoolbox and save changes. It is 100% safe. (But only if you used hdtoolbox to partition it originally!)
I used HDInstTools when first partitioning. But I might have used HDToolBox from the 3.1 install disk after I discovered that 300 buffers were killing most of my free RAM.

So I should be able to just change them without losing data using HDInstTools, right?
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