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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I just hope that this board doesnt suffer the post-Natami syndrome.
Same here.

It seems pretty simple though, most of the complexity is going to be in developing the software side of things. I can see a long road ahead to properly develop the software for this (CPU, LAN, RTG) but at least it's a start

I wouldn't worry about support for other Amiga's, I believe the 'card' is basically an off-the-shelf FPGA computer with a custom interface.....can someone confirm or deny that?
Therefore to make one for the A1200/A3000/A4000 you only need to make a new custom interface. This makes a lot of sense as it cuts down on development costs/complexity.

I'd personally rather see a 'pure' custom Classic FPGA accelerator card (like the Vampire on steroids) but that would cost a lot more money than using an off-the-shelf FPGA card, especially if you take the next logic step and offload the HD I/O to the accelerator. My problem with projects like these is that you can end up with a modern computer attached to an old keyboard (the keyboard being the A1200).

Anyway, this is an interesting project which I'll be watching with interest

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