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Originally Posted by blaze-f View Post
Today i wrote iso named Doge 96 game compilation INTERIM (downloaded it a few months ago) and noticed that many games doesn't appear in menu, but they've included (i opened ISO and saw they) in compilation. For example - Double Dragon 1-3, Final Fight, Pit Fighter.
That's true, I copied practically all of the games from Cobe's compilation into mine but hadn't gotten around to adding all of them to the menu. The next release (160 games) will have all of those.

Originally Posted by blaze-f View Post
Also i noteced that Super Street Fighter 2 hangs on before fight starts. And in Dyna Blaster you can't blow bomb with remote control. If my memory serves me right, there is a slave, where this function mapped on gamepad, not keyboard.
I'll look into those, thanks.
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