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Originally Posted by TheBird View Post
@jcarvalho: The card do exist, I've had it in my hands. It works, as well. Sure, the development took a long time, but there is much more to it than putting some chips on a board, as you seem to think. Also, it is meant to be more than just a scandoubler/FF. Dezz told me he is very close to release.
Well, I don't call you a liar, but there is some strange things on your post that can be buggy to the others. you said The card do exist OK lets assume that. Second thing It works, as well. joining two things together in a cold analisys I must ask why I never got one?????????? And why is it being delayed??
I just ordered an scandoubler/FF
here is a copy of an email sent by Dezz when he read my post here
Hello Jorge,

I just have seen your post on EAB. I assure you it's not a hoax and your card will be delivered soon.

I'm very much sorry for the long waiting. There was design changes, as well as difficulties. The former ones was in order to make the card better and I had no choice but to cope with the latter ones. I've reported on all these.

Last time we spoke, if you remember, it seemed like a deficiency of the external video clock generator (new to Rev3) could have been resolved, but unfortunately it turned out it coudn't. I had two choices here, staring to search for another IC for this task and desing a new module with it, or, temporarily remove it from the system, ie. make the card work also without it. The latter option seemed like a faster solution. Well, it's wasn't as easy, either, but it is almost done by now.

Most probably I should have to release the first version and develop new versions afterwards, but I couldn't foresee it will take such a long time to resolve subsequent difficulties. Then, as time lapsed, I felt it's better not to postpone the planned extensions. On the end, the card you will be getting is a more advanced one than you have originally paid for.

Kind regards,

Strange, you say that the card works, an in the email we can read that the card has issues. Who is talking the truth?
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