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Originally posted by Burseg
Nice screenie. What program do you use to get this info screen?

I couldn't get pass 40 char even on 3.9. Trying to rename one, my workbench screen blinked indicating the name couldn't be any longer.
The screenie is from Directory Opus Magellan II

To get past the 40 char limit use 'wbctrl MNL=100' in your user-startup (wbctrl is on the 3.5/9 cd's), there is also a wbstartup program that does the same, but I can't remember it's name

p.s. I have the 40 char (if not less) limit also on SFS under WB 3.0. Even when renaming from the standard WB menu, so it's not a case of third party programs getting confused.
WB3.0 has a limit of 31 chars iirc, sfs might be able to handle 100 char names but workbench can't

Try cli rename command...
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