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The Amiga Forever files are inside the source files drawer, Amikit boots and asks for the Workbench CD for installation but can't/won't find it when inserted, whether it's the real CD/DVD or the iso inserted in the virtual drive.
Doesn't really matter, I don't mind supporting Amiga development even if it won't work here, I can use the USB stick for something else. I will just stick with Amithlon and WinUAE on PC's for now.
I might try eventually to replicate the environment on a Debian base, at least that boots from USB on this motherboard, the advantage there also is I can optimize it for this hardware.

Just updated Virtual Box and now Amikit boots and works in the virtual environment, must have been a bug in Virtual Box. Will continue working on it now, eventually remastering to a DVD with all required files and then trying again to get it to boot from USB.

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