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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Well, the game is nearly done, its gone through big bug testing on real Amigas, lots of bugs killed, faders implemented, better joystick control, ingame menu for changing options on the fly, its all nearing completion.....except the music

Unfortunately Akira cannot find the time to help, and someone else I asked hasn't answered so i'm guessing the answer is 'no'.

So, i'm asking for help from the EAB community to get this realised.

What am I asking for?

2x Protracker modules.

1). Module 1 is to be a 1:1 conversion of the Atari ST original. YM emulation is possible, but its a processor intensive task on 68000, A1200 owners won't notice, but A500/A600 owners most certainly will

A Protracker module will be a lot more easy on the system, and ensure that theres some atmosphere in the game.

2). Module 2 I would like a remix in an Amiga style of the original tune. The original tune is only 1 minute 15 seconds, so something a bit more lengthy would be nice, not in anything daft like drum and bass, but something more upbeat and with more duration.

Got a spare 100K of memory to work with, so there shouldn't be much restrictions on creativity.

Its got to be Protracker because its generally easier for Amiga to play with less CPU time taken up. Please no MilkyTracker or anything else, not all commands in other trackers are 100% the same as Protracker.

If I get several people that want to contribute, i'm more than happy to include more music than two tunes, only want 1 1:1 copy of the ST original, but would welcome more choice for the 2nd 'Amiga' tune, and will have music selectable ingame if necessary.

Can anyone help?

Other than a few other bugs, its nearly done.
hello can not help you .. can you do a demo of it may help you get help more and will game be on old amigas like 500 600 1200 or new one thanl you
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