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No PC's (if you're talking about 'IBM Compatible' at least), but then no Amiga/Toaster stuff either. Which just proves my original assertions. Sorry Syko, but no matter what you say, the Toaster is no longer top of the heap. It may not be at the bottom, but it's getting closer all the time.

Boradcast quality is a misnomer. It's only NTSC broadcast quality. The resolution and quality is lower than PAL, and to try tarting that up to make it better is a kludge. You can't put in what wasn't in the original without making some kind of scarifice. Just like HAM modes... close but no cigar.

Can you honestly say that there are no companies producing "Broadcast quality" output using PC's or Macs? Why, if there is such a need for the Toasters legendary abilities... has nobody else come up with a device to do it? After all, you can get just about anything else for these platforms, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Does the video world still rely solely on their 1980's Amiga?

This argument is just like the "AmigaOS is the best on the planet", "Amiga was the first and best multimedia machine" type stuff. Neither is true, and even in if were at one time... it ain't any longer.

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