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Originally Posted by TheBird View Post
@jcarvalho: The card do exist, I've had it in my hands. It works, as well. Sure, the development took a long time, but there is much more to it than putting some chips on a board, as you seem to think. Also, it is meant to be more than just a scandoubler/FF. Dezz told me he is very close to release.
Sure it's more than putting some chips on a board, I don't doubt anyone's honesty until they prove me they┬┤re not. The only thing I didn't like, and I already told Dezz, is "the next week" thing, that will be making a year. I convinced jcarvalho to sell his indi mk2 and now I don't even have the face to talk to him straight about amiga stuff. Not my fault for sure, but I really thought it would be out a lot earlier than this. At least Dezz has proven to be honest, answering all mails, even those from people with little patience like me.
I really hope that this comes out really soon, I have my a1200 opened for almost a year, waiting for it.
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