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I plugged the Philips 201b4 which I rescued from being thrown to thrash.

Tried it to see if it changes anything. Well... It's a bit different now. When the screen is scrolling upwards laced video looks very nice but when it's scrolling downwards, it looks as if there is a problem with moire. Lines appear very jagged.

I've configured WinUAE to use a 100hz 1024x768 resolution. Enabled vsync 50hz option. Enabled black line insertion option from misc.

I had to switch Graphics API from Direct3d to DirectDraw because with black line insertion enabled, it caused the the game to suddenly become extremely slow and start flickering (cpu usage 0% fps:25) from time to time.

Here's video of the problem:

[ Show youtube player ]

Choosing double fields or double fields+ reduces the jaggedness very little but causes also the upwards scrolling to look bad like downwards scrolling.

EDIT: I have to enable remove interlace artifacts. It reduces the graphics corruption in downwards scrolling but also reduces the graphics quality during upwards scrolling.

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