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I remember F1GP was a lot smoother in an A1200, as I played it in my mate's A1200 once.

Now Power Drift... hmm, would it be worthy to tried it in a fast PC with WinUAE? Power Drift is one of my fav games ever (Probably the arcade game I most spent coins in my whole life), and I searched ages for a proper home version with no luck. The only PLAYABLE version was the Amstrad CPC one, yet it's ages away from the arcade one. All other versions are rubbish as hell (Including amiga version)

Now, about Stunt Car Race... he, it would be great if they could bring the game to the new millenium. More tracks, more cars, better AI, multiple cars in the track at the same time, and MULTIPLAYER. Yes.

The same can be said about 4D Sports Driving. (Which I think it's even better than Stunt Car Race)
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