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Just wondering - what sort of PC are you running WinUAE on?
Breathless can be tweaked very well, but you need a fast PC.
Switching on immediate blitter makes a HUGE difference for it.

You're right about Quake - it's just interesting to see it running so smoothly on an Amiga.

As for Stunt Car Racer - yes, I would happily go and BUY a remake of it, it was that good (listening, Geoff Crammond?)
I played it so much in the old days I knew the correct speeds for every single jump, and I could get through all 8 tracks. The game then made you go through all 8 tracks again with a super-powered car that accelerated so fast you had to totally rethink your speeds as you came to jumps. It was freaky. I couldn't get through the tracks in this mode.

Actually, games like f15 strike eagle 2, thunderhawk etc. should be a blast to play under winuae. I think those games were well programmed as far as different cpu speeds go...
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