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No need to use a Raspberry, a MT32 will do it. Just need someone to add support to ScummVM 68k.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I haven't heard of any game with buffer overflow (and less one that could be played on a miggy).

That MT32 has a good price, they are more expensive everytime. You will find some more for 100€ or more, so you won't have any problem if you need to resell it after a time, you would sell it better.

Nova you will also need a midi interface like this that is the same that I've got, the midi cable and the thick audio cables that I think are these

please somebody tell me if I am wrong.

Edit: These are the audio selectors I use to buy if you -surely- need them (well, this is cheaper than mines):

Edit: Offtopic I've seen what do I need to connect it to a Pc [ Show youtube player ]
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