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This might be silly, and I apologize for my, probably, apparent lack of technical knowledge, but:

Would it be possible to use something like a raspberry PI as a midi-instrument? If you send MIDI out from a device connected to the Amiga (Serialport MIDI like the PyrAmid) to the Raspberry, the raspberry should be able to, via a program that has a samplebank, play the samples back to a speaker..? The Amiga would just have to send the MIDIout and the raspberry would take care of the rest?

On a PC or MAC midi can be sent to programs like "Kontakt" which has all the samples necessary stored in library. Similar solutions exist for linux. One would need to set up custom soundbanks, but that would probably not be particularly hard, and RaspberryPI is very cheap.

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Using Timidity on RaspberryPI AtariST.

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