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Many polygon games can be made to run faster, but the game itself speeds up as well. Cybercon 3 is a good example - crank up the cpu speed and the game becomes unplayable. As does Damocles. Damn. Bugger. etc. Same with the Freescape games like total eclipse etc.

Fighter Bomber can be made SMOOOOTH with the right settings, and at the right game speed. I loved that game in the old days, and now it is significantly better thru emulation. Give it a spin, try some tweaks - it's awesome.

The Sentinel can be made much better too, and (I think) still runs at the right game speed - tough to tell, as the only indicator of game speed is how fast the sentinel itself turns.

Zeewolf (and I assume it's sequel) can be made very smooth and still run at the same game speed. Maybe Virus falls into this category as well, not sure yet.

Stunt car racer appears to be locked to cpu cycles or something... bit of a shame, as it's probably still the best racing game around.
I believe formula 1 grand prix suffered the same fate - but this is fixable by using that patch thingie that's been around for years.

Believe me, I've tried everything on stunt car racer, and nothing worked to make it smoother without problems. Making WinUAE run at full speed (adjustable between cpu and chipset option selected and the slider all the way to the cpu side) introduces severe graphics problems... still a ripper of a game though. Even today, you can still feel the motion as you fly over a hump in the track and come down to land on the other end of the hump.

It's obvious that many Amiga 500 polygon games were written for the 7Mhz processor, and no timing was taken into account to allow faster processors to run the games correctly. Major bummer.

Anyway, the trick is to play with the Chipset "Immediate blitter" option, the CPU "Fastest possible, but maintain chipset timing", and the CPU "Adjustable between CPU and chipset" options. A whole new world opens up.

A1200 games like Breathless, Alien breed 3d (1 & 2), Genetic species (masterpiece) etc. can be made almost flawlessly smooth with the right tweaks, if it is A1200 stuff you want to play (of course, the PC you are playing WinUAE on will have to be pretty quick itself). And Quake - cripes that becomes awesome.

There are heaps of other A500 polygon games still to try out...

What I have found interesting is the number of racing games that can be improved by playing with the settings I mentioned above.

The original Outrun becomes unplayable as the game itself speeds up (not that it was ever really playable anyway - surely one of the most poorly programmed racing games on the amiga), but turbo outrun and outrun europa become much much better (not that outrun europa was ever a slouch anyway). Cisco Heat becomes well worth a spin, and power drift (tricky to tweak but worth it) becomes absolutely divine. SCI (chase hq 2) becomes fabulous too.

Lotus 3 (on the A500) was sloooow because of the way the tracks were calculated from that RECS system, but on WinUAE, with the right tweaks, it becomes smoooooth and an absolutely joy to play.

There are HEAPS of other games I have yet to try, but I hope this helps.
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