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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Only obvious change in that version is D3D mode shader stuff improvements, so question becomes: does slowdown happen in DirectDraw mode?
Directdraw too, but read...

WinUAE and screen refresh is very fast, the slowdown is the mouse cursor that freezes for one second, when Workbench reads any drawer full of icons in it. That happens sometimes, others no. And sometimes that happens more than one time while it reads the full drawer.

That happens both with icon.library from OS 3.9 and that from PeterK, too. But I remember the first time that did happen was when I did install PeterK's library and did convert my icons, either with condenseicons and even with the WB Info command (RAWBInfo) with the library.

So I am in doubt, if that is a bug of WinUAE or icon.library, but anyways it not happen with the beta 5 [WinUAE] and earlier.

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