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Originally Posted by Overmann View Post
I did a sysspeed and sysinfo check and found that my HDD get almost 3mb on both read and write. It's not as bad as i thought, but it would be nice with something faster.

Does anyone else experience crashes when attemting to add a game from a different partition/device then the one that ScummVM is running from?

Also, does anyone manage to get full sound/music? I get a lot more sound and music when running games in ScummVM on my PC. ALso the sound and music is much higher quality, but that I understand.
Are you using SFS/PFS3? FFS is really slow.

I think that bug when access different directories is something I've seen before, not sure why it happens. I normally just have all my games on the same partition so it's not an issue for me.

Do you mean MIDI emulated music? My 060 does a good job with emulated MIDI now days, I did a video but unfortunately the sound quality is very bad (using a mobile phone). Sounds much better in the flesh.

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