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Originally Posted by martinkuchinka View Post
Well, it's written in my own PowerD language (, but in testing environment it was about 5-10x faster under 030/50, i suppose, it's probably the badly written enemy control, as in testing evnironment, there was only about 15 enemies at once, while in the final demo there is... a lot more anyway, it will definetaly run much faster, then it runs now, there is still a lot to do
Quick glance, looks like an interesting language. If needed, when development and feature creep settles, you could always do the time critical parts in assembler and link them in specifically for 68k (#ifdef 68k?). Plenty of that knowledge to tap in the awesome Coders. Asm / Hardware forum.

Originally Posted by davesade View Post
Oh my god, when we were talking about reviving true Amiga spirit, we definitely didn't meant this! Many apologies!
No worries, it's part of the Amiga legacy. Hehe.
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