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Originally Posted by Wiffleplop View Post
mould? Wow! The joys of vintage computing! lol I'll have a look once the new drive arrives - the disks are somewhat scabby looking. What do you recommend to clean the disks and head? IPA?
The floppy drive heads should be cleaned with IPA applied with cotton buds directly to the heads when it is possible to open up the drive enclosure sufficiently to do so. If not, then you can try a floppy drive cleaning disk with IPA applied to the cleaning surfaces.

Mould contamination is best removed with a 50:50 mix of IPA and distilled water applied directly to the disk surface with cotton buds or a lint-free cloth with a gentle rubbing action.

You can either prise the disk enclosure apart sufficiently to remove the disk for cleaning, or you can jam the shutter open and clean the disk through the aperture a little at a time.

The mould can be seen on the disk surface quite clearly as black spots when the disk is illuminated from behind by a bare light bulb.
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