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Originally Posted by b0lt-thrower View Post
I'm just throwing out some speculation here but I wonder if they went through all the prototyping and building of first-revision hardware then realized the PPC CPUs they'd purchased weren't OS4 compatible, and so abandoned the whole project.

It seems like they put a lot of time and effort into designing the cards - at least, to look at them they visually appear to be I wonder why they didn't even bother saying "Hey, we've stopped because of the following issues..."

Oh well, nothing any different from 99% of what's gone on in Amiga-land since 1993 or so.

Yes it was one of the MorphOS team Piru that pointed this out when the prototype was shown, so the developers discussed some possible workarounds before conceding it would need a completely new CPU instead.

My guess is this mistake was so costly that they would have been basically starting from scratch so decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Are maybe work continues behind the scenes, either way terrible communication.

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