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RCS and HardDrive as Directory

I have a problem with RCS and WinUAE Hardrive as Directory. When I'm trying to check next version of file then RCS give me following message.

RCS file is the same as working file tes.s.

But of course file is differ.

Initial file tes.s is very simply

start: nop
Then I'm doing ci tes.s and of course I have directory RCS. Then I'm doing co -l RCS/tes.s. After that I'm edited tes.s (just added few nops and rts ). And when I'm trying to check in ( ci tes.s) then I have above message. It's strange a bit because when I attached Hardfile or my HardDrive then rcs works nice.
RCS its taken from aminet (

Perhaps some options should be enables in CD & Hard drives Options (now I have checked off all options.

Any ideas ?
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