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Both ! i did them both

and another thing, with the music change, there is also a boost, the game is faster now and i can play almost like on my PC

isn't it awesome ?

Another thing, i pick the files on a big wolfenstein website, and those MID files reworked can be freely downloaded, so you can add them directly inside the archive, as well as the SFX. The only thing that you can't add are the *.WL6 and *.SOD files.

How to trigger the cheat mode on amiwolf ? -goobers doesn't work, and TAB key is mapped as the "display map" key

PS : Amiwolf 1.18 with excellent and faithfull 98% to the PC version but with amiga quality in the zone !

* One idea to dig : make the MIDI_instrument file not included in the archive, and instead put it seperately on aminet, and ask to
install it in the workbench instead of game directory, would it possible ?

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