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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
and this information is missing on your post:

the "fresh created Quickstart A1200 config" has 020 by default and not 030, right ?

Thus if you using 030 CE mode in A1200 config, this is probably still not allowed/safe ... instead for 030 is better to use Quickstart A3000 or A4000 configs.

If above is correct, there is no problem then ... but Toni need to confirm ... except, does the IDE0 works with 020 CE, or the problem is only with 030 in CE mode ?!
IDE0 don't work with both of them: 030 and 020, causing "Software Failure" on boot, when trying original AmigaForever12 workbench-311.hdf, even without CE and without Fast mem is the same...
PS. You have offered QS A3000 / A4000 configs, but they are without CE on standard and my goal is to use Cycle-exact, because i found it's more compatible with games and demos as you know for sure. BTW A4000 CE has the same issues. Cycle-exact mode need more optimizations probably, but i have patience... I'll stick with A1200 020 config with CE and 8MB fast then (it's the most accurate and enough for me at last)... Thanks.

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