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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
In the US, the collector of "information" automatically becomes the owner, so sites with user-provided content actually *own* the articles that users have written.

When I created the account, I did not save the terms&conditions, and that's over a decade ago. I do know that I had to re-register at some point, but at that time, I had met Wayne in person and didn't even read the terms that might have changed. I never would have thought that he'd be taking advantage of the community like that.

Another point that made me angry was that Wayne's debt was primarily caused by someone we all know too well, and some of you might know that I don't like these people too much either.
Now, that the site is under new ownership, maybe your request for removal of your old post will be honored. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Not a joke - I was banned for a week for some bad behaviour that I don't remember in detail. I'm human, and I make mistakes, and the same rules apply to all a1k members. Once again, I like the strict moderation of a1k, and would probably benefit from such moderation, too.

I could easily get banned on since the terms of use I accepted were in "Deutsch" and I never bothered to translate them!
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