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Hello. I was performed tests again (winuae_2810b7).
I was using fresh created Quickstart A1200 config, windowed mode, 68030 CE, original: amiga-os-310-install.adf and workbench-311.hdf from Amiga Forever 2012.
case 1) amiga-os-310-install.adf (without any HDF), 68030, CPU Frequency 8x, Cycle-exact on, Fast: 8MB (autoconfig) -> black screen, HALT1
1a) same config, but Cycle-exact off, Fast: 8MB (autoconfig) -> OK
1b) same config, but Cycle-exact on, Fast: none (autoconfig) -> OK
case 2) workbench-311.hdf (HD Controller: UAE), 68030, CPU Frequency 8x, Cycle-exact on, Fast: 8MB (autoconfig) -> OK
2a) same config, but HD Controller: IDE0 -> Software Failure
2b) same config, but HD Controller: UAE, Cycle-exact off, Fast: none (autoconfig) -> OK
2c) same config, but HD Controller: IDE0, Cycle-exact off, Fast: none (autoconfig) -> Software Failure
"Any hardfiles you may find in this directory can normally
be mounted using these default settings:
Sectors : 32 (also called "blocks per track")
Surfaces : 1
Reserved : 2
PreAlloc : 0
SectorSize: 512 (also "block size")"
EDIT: plain A1200 68020 4x, with CE and 8MB Fast (or without it) loads amiga-os-310-install.adf -> OK,
but have the same "Software Failure" issue, when using workbench-311.hdf with HD Controller set to IDE0 (UAE is OK)
...Strange... Isn't it?
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