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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Toni, i have a problem here with Crazy cars III in original, under quickstart A500 config KS1.3 512kb chip + 512kb slowmem, the game passes disk 1 with the protection, i choose to start the new york race, then once i make the car go forward in speed, there is graphical bug on the road, and then the amiga crash.

Bug Reproduced on buth 2810b6 and 2810b7.

I zoned the RAW files of my original version (differs from the IPF 3068), it's the compilation Fox Collection 3 from Titus. The original version does 1 disk check on the intro, while mine does 3
Usual missing info: Does it happen with 2.8.0? If it does, nothing to do with 2.8.1 betas. Is it even confirmed to work with any kind of config (real or not)?

"Passing protection" does not really mean anything without checking the code..
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