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EAB feels like home, it's great (thanks for not banning me, hehe).

Now sliding a bit off topic to follow the trend here...

Personally, I don't like moderation, except to delete spam and the occasional death threat.

Long ago, back in 2003, I created a simple concept of moderation free forums called "BERZERK".

Freedom of speech is a basic right that should be honored and cherished, not sadly crippled by moderators. The only restrictions we enforce at EurAsia are threats or abuse towards another person or group of people, much like the human rights in general, and the mindless spam.
I thought other site owners/admins would queue up to adopt the same simple principles of freedom, that it would spread fast, but it never happened, not even once in over ten years. Instead it has moved in the opposite direction with more rules than any sane person can follow. The only negative experience I've had so far is that when people are given the freedom to do pretty much anything, they tend to avoid doing anything at all.

Regarding ownership of posts as Schoenfeld pointed out, I like this statement: "All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Comments and forum messages are owned by the Poster."

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