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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Can you still enter early startup and see the drive in boot list or can boot without startup-sequence.

If yes, it is not directly IDE problem but something in your startup-sequence that for some reasons triggers this (side-) effect.

00-089 [193 086-000]: warning: 0007 written to BEAMCON0 PC=00F8F7C2
00-109 [194 000-000]: BEAMCON0 0020 -> 0007 PC=a250b168
These lines can't be right. It looks like KS ROM is confused and thinks hardware light pen mode is enabled. Possibly some utility/hack in your startup-sequence?
The hard disk is visible in early startup and is booting fine with no startup-sequence on IDE0 normal / fast and with UAE much slooower. Confused too...

EDIT: maybe i should create a new one HDF image on this config, install fresh Workbench on it and then test it again?... or use already done from Amiga Forever will check it...
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