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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I left for personal reasons: I didn't like the (ab)use of US law that transfers ownership of my content to the site owner, without me actively agreeing to this proceeding. I left when I found out that a) somebody made money on what I contributed to for free without me agreeing, and b) when the new owner (Bill) refused to delete my content. Granted, he was entitled to act that way by US law, so everything was perfectly legal from his point of view.

However, I'm European, and I don't like the American way of treating intellectual property rights, because I think that the laws apply double standards: Big corporations are granted lots of rights, and the "little man" is taken the rights to his content by a st*pid law that non-US users of the site aren't made aware of.
Perhaps you should have read the sites terms of use and membership rules a little more carefully, since you actually DID AGREE to their terms of use when you created your membership account. If you owned and managed a similar site you might realize that a law which gives you full control over the sites content is not such a bad idea after all.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Just checked: The server is still in the US, so posting there is out of the question for me. EAB is in France, so yeah, it's the place to be for all those who don't speak German and can participate in, which has very good moderation (which also banned me for a week some time ago, and I still like them).

You probably won't like Amibay either since their server is in U.K. and the site owners also assume full control over content. Jens "Paradroid" Schoenfeld banned on Impossible! Oh, I get it, a joke...LOL!

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