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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
As far as I'm aware, the replacement ROM is 'complete'.
It is mostly feature complete (at least from RTG modes point of view) but not compatible enough complete or fast enough complete (some internal graphics stuff needs useless C2P and back conversions and similar design "issues"). Also it lacks some chipset-only features like user copper lists (This hopefully will be implemented someday), overscan support, sprite support (but fortunately nothing really uses sprites via graphics.library anyway) and so on..

It still works nicely as a replacement "loader" for most bootable games and demos and also it runs most system friendly games.

Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
Is it approved for use in real hardware, or just WinUAE at this point?
Yes, no. (and if it hangs or something weird happens = serial log required as usual)

Note that WinUAE version has extra compatibility hack, emulation automatically adds extra RAM to hidden addresses (that is marked as full after aros start booting), this trick frees 99% of normal RAM for program use without compatibility problems.

Normally aros boot rom would use too much ram to work with unexpanded amigas.
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