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I think I found another problem:

Wanted to see content of aros-amiga-m68k.iso from my HD instalation but the icons doesnt appear in 281b7 ?! (in 270 it shows) ...
still didnt find from what version it happens ?!

sorry, I didnt mean to bother, but a problem appears one after other !

EDIT: Hm, now it doesnt appears in 270 also ! (probably doing something wrong, but dont know what ?!) ... sorry !

EDIT2: Stupid me, forgot to turn on "CDFS automount" in options ! (so, forget it, or better delete the whole post)

p.s. It is hard to follow TV and think (be clever) at the same time.

p.s.2. Maybe confused me if changing from OFF to ON the "CDFS automount" in options and then RESET it doesnt work/change it for really ... so the emu must be started from the beginning and with already selected correct option.

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