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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Almost forgot on this ... Hifreaks / Supplex glitches again from 2710b8 (see on pic.) ... maybe not worth the trouble !

p.s. Hope, the fix will not broke something else ! (hope so, it should be really all)
This is more interesting because I just watched first 5 minutes of this demo 3 times on my real A500 and 2 times there was a glitch, in different places. 3rd time didn't have glitches. I previously never watched it that far because "original" emulation glitch was at the very beginning and this demo is quite boring to watch..

First time glitch appearet when "write to" text was on screen and second time it was about 1min later.

So glitches are normal and this may not be a real bug, just the usual that emulation is designed not to be random at startup to make it possible to replicate exact same behavior with matching config + exact same version. (It is not designed to stay the same between versions)

EDIT: in other words: Nothing will be done.
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