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You can make a complete hdd setup in winuae on your pc and transfer it to cf card then put it in your amiga and boot it. Better yet you can put adf images of workbench on the cf card. Then when you install the cf card you can write the workbench disks back to floppies.

The way i look at it is if you have an amiga with genuine roms then your licensed to write floppies of that version of workbench.. You couldn't buy the amiga without it.

Also you plug the cf card into the onboard ide connector inside the amiga not in the trapoor slot.

You can buy cheap converters like the following: (no idea how reliable this seller is)

And a cable if you need it: (no idea how reliable this seller is)

As for ram, personally I went for an ACA accelerator with 64mb ram on it. You could try tracking down an old accelerator or ram expansion but their not worth the money IMHO.

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