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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
As far as I'm aware, the replacement ROM is 'complete'.
the question is _how_ complete the rom is. there are still missing features that prevent some software to run correctly especially when it hits the metal, but i think toni wilen is actually the one to explain things in detail.

Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
Is it approved for use in real hardware, or just WinUAE at this point?
well, might be considered to be "approved" whatever that means, but you need to edit startup sequence a little and there still might be (timing) problems to boot from the internal ide port, scsi controllers are fine though as far as i can tell.

i actually returned to testing on a couple of my machines, but i dont know anyone else who does it consequently.

there are remaining performance problems i suppose mainly within dos and layers lib, for aros to be effectively useful on amiga hardware especially without the gfx board. one of the main problems with genuine amiga display is apparently that aros deals with all gfx data internally in chunky performing expensive conversions for every gfx operation as soon as it needs to output to amiga hardware. it would be great if there was some knowledgeable amiga coders motivated to surpass these bottleneck and contribute the code to aros, but currently except toni none is working on it so afaik.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
is it possible to compile for PowerPC and write to a real ROM chip, and install in a real Amiga with a PowerPC accelerator?
there is aros ppc platform, but it has not been effectively maintained for long and it has never been adjusted for ppc accels. so in theory i guess it is possible, even though it wouldnt run 68k code transparently like mos or os4 do, while i dont think there is enough interest to make it happen.

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