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Wow, this software is awesome running on WinUAE atm but A600 coming back out of storage soon.

Are you planning a MK2? I bet you have a long list of ideas, some bits I thought up while jamming on this last night...

- a button to quick-snap back to the original BPM
- ability to mark a BPM point then jump to that on demand
- vinyl stop, i.e. a quick stop, not immediate audio cut off, say 1 second to slow BPM to zero and stop track
- vinyl style reverse button
- vinyl style forward spin button
- track solo (and unmute-all etc)
- not sure if the filter can be used somehow, globally
- ability with one Amiga to load another mod while one is playing then quickly swap to that mod to allow continued play with one PT 1210
- "auto crab" button that cuts audio in/out at a predetermined rate i.e. every other line to get a cross fader/stutter type effect

Just thoughts. Love the software.

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